• Invention of Laksa through a love story

    The story of Laksa emerged through a love story during the time of trade when the Chinese traders used to visit Malay Archipelago in 15th century and the men and women started falling in love with the locals. The love relationships were then transformed into a strong bond through marriages between the two with different cultures and religions. In fact, they were known by different names like Peranakan in Malaysia and Kiau-Seng in Indonesia. Isn’t it amazing to have a unique and diverse community?

    The wives of the traders were extraordinarily and talented and had a great knowledge of spices and flavours, therefore, experimenting with them gave rise to a delectable traditional dish which was then termed as Laksa.

  • No Silk Road, No Laksa

    The only countries where authentic Laksa is found are Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Professor Penny Van Esterik in one of his books “Food Culture in Southeast Asia” mentioned Silk Road which made the existence of Laksa possible. The Chinese got knowledge about the spices when they arrived in Indonesia in the 16TH century. They can be considered as the “maker or creator of the perfect Laksa”.

  • The name “Laksa” originated from the old Persian word for noodle. The word “Laksa” is derived from an old Persian word for noodle, which may surprise you. Although it is generally recognized that the dish is from Southeast Asia, its exact origins are still unknown. While most people connect laksa with Malaysia and Singapore, it is also well-liked in southern Thailand and Indonesia.
  • Known and loved all around the nation, the “Laksa” can vary depending on the city you visit. The Malaysian dish “Laksa” has several variations, including nonya laksa from Malacca and Laksam from Terengganu, Laksa Johor and Laksa Sarawak
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