Horizon Food & Art Fair 2023 (HFAF2023) happening from     4th-8th October 2023 at Avenue K Shopping Mall Kuala Lumpur promises you a unique experience!


4 October 2023 (Wed)– Opening Ceremony with YB Dato Sri Tiong King Sing, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture of Malaysia (Invited Guests only)

4th-8th October 2023| 11am-8pm | Rooftop, Level 4, Avenue K Shopping Mall

Larger than Life Pop Up Food Museum

Nurturing Nature Art for Sale Exhibition

Spray Painting by Anchor Ultra

4th-8th October 2023| 11am-8pm | The Library Level 3, Avenue K Shopping Mall

Activities by Pulau Banding Foundation

7th October 2023 | 4pm-7pm

Canvas Combat

Interactive exhibits and colorful decorations add a playful and fun touch to the experience, inviting visitors to indulge their curiosity and creativity. 


The Horizon Food and Art Fair (HFAFKL) is the ideal opportunity for food lovers and art enthusiasts to gather, experience, and interact with the fun and artistic creations. The event showcases a Larger than Life Pop Up Food Museum, Canvas Combat, “Nurturing Nature” themed Art-for-Sale Exhibition, Spray Paint Bombing and Santai Workshops by Anchor Ultra and activities by Pulau Banding Foundation.

HAFKL’s Nurturing Nature Art Exhibition’s mission is to support wildlife and habitat conservation and environmental education through art that celebrates nature.

​The goals of HAFKL’s art exhibition is to support conservation through art sales and education, share conservation stories through nature-inspired art with a global audience and showcase the extraordinary pool of artistic talent in Asia. 42 artists will share their messages about environmental conservation through 51 pcs of artwork. 

Take photos with a 6ft tall Ais Kacang sculpture, 5ft width Roti Canai and other larger-than-life displays of Malaysia’s favourite food while you learn some fun facts at the Larger than Life Pop Up Food Museum. 

Remember to scan the QR codes on the Backdrops and next to the paintings!

Working hand in hand with Pulau Banding Foundation

The Library, Level 3 and Nurturing Nature Art Exhibition, Rooftop, Level 4, Avenue K Shopping Mall


Pulau Banding Foundation will running some activities to share some work they’ve accomplished within the Belum-Temengor Rainforest.

Join us on an incredible journey into the heart of nature’s wonders at the Belum-Temengor Rainforest, where we’re harnessing the power of connectivity to share our mission with the world!


Pulau Banding Foundation:

At Pulau Banding Foundation, we are committed to preserving and celebrating the Belum-Temengor Rainforest Landscape. With a deep-rooted passion for conservation, we are a foundation dedicated to protecting this pristine natural wonder through scientific findings, community engagement and public awareness.

Discover the work we’ve accomplished within the Belum-Temengor Rainforest, where we seamlessly combine scientific knowledge with nature’s splendor. We’ll showcase our efforts highlighting the flora and fauna discoveries from the enchanting rainforest.

UMK-TRaCe Research Centre:

Embark on a scientific adventure like no other. Researchers are invited to delve into the mysteries of our mega-biodiversity rainforest in Perak. The everyone can come and witness the sheer magnificence of nature, and volunteers can actively participate in our conservation and community engagement programs at the Belum Temengor Rainforest Complex.

World Heritage Volunteer Program:

Get ready to be part of a UNESCO-endorsed initiative that champions World Heritage Sites’ preservation. Discover our relentless efforts to conserve these natural treasures and raise awareness about the Royal Belum Rainforest.

Orang Asli Children’s Art:

Support a worthy cause with your purchase! We’re showcasing and selling art created by the talented Orang Asli children to back their programs and empower their future.

 Donate and Volunteer:

Throughout the event, you can make a difference by donating or registering as a volunteer. Your support fuels our commitment to preserving these precious ecosystems.

 Belum Rainforest Resort:

Explore ecotourism like never before! Discover the Royal Belum Rainforest through the lens of the Belum Rainforest Resort, your gateway to this untouched paradise.

Join us for a captivating experience that celebrates nature, community, and conservation. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the world’s most incredible rainforests. Don’t miss out!


12 Artists create the best work they can in 30 minutes in front of a live audience. As they work, visitors move around the easels, closely watching the creative process. At the end of each round, the visitors and online viewers on our Instagram page vote and winners are chosen. All paintings created are up for sale.

Winners are selected by the live audience as well as online votes. 

Art pieces are then sold to the live audience, online and unsold pieces sold in a silent auction.








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